Some Sober Thoughts

Why 50 Days of Decision, and why now? Are we suggesting that we have heard from God, and that it is now or never for America, and that we are only moments away from destruction? No. But please consider soberly for a moment; how much further away can judgement be? Do you know when and where the next terrorist attack or natural disaster on our shores will occur? Will you be prepared? Will you be able to recover if you are affected (and you will be affected; at least to some extent)? Will you even survive? Are we getting melodramatic now? We don’t think so.


If we read our bibles, we see that God sometimes warned an individual, or His people, day after day, year after year about things that needed to change. Often for a while, nothing happened. And many therefore decided that probably nothing was going to happen, and went on their merry way. Until one day, which dawned like any other, the plague began, or the famine set in, or the enemy hordes came over the horizon. And they suddenly realized too late that their complacency was about to cost them more